Arbswap is the only true Arbitrum-native DEX suite, offering the best Game-fi services on Nova and the smoothest trading experience on One.

Why Arbitrum?

Though EVM-compatible like other L1 chains, Arbitrum actually has two very distinct deployments making it stand out from the other chains:

  1. Arbitrum Nova: a high throughput chain optimized for gaming and social

  2. Arbitrum One: a scalable rollup chain with a strong innovative DeFi ecosystem

Therefore, Arbswap's features are built with these applications in mind,

  • To supercharge users' Game-Fi needs and economics, so as to improve user experience in the Arbitrum ecosystem.

  • To facilitate NFT trading activities

  • To provide a flexible and customizable protocol that enables builders and users to leverage deep, sustainable, and adaptable liquidity.

  • To prioritize composability and support new protocols launching on Arbitrum by providing innovative features, tools, and functionality that can be easily integrated and built upon by other protocols within the ecosystem.

  • To offer a highly efficient and secure trading mechanism that ensures reliable and fast execution of trades.

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