Arbswap Launchpad is a token sale product for projects launching on the Arbitrum One and Nova network. Through Arbswap launchpad, users participate in vested or non-vested token pre-sales and help projects bootstrap their funding for development.

How to participate in a launchpad sale

Visit https://arbswap.io/launchpad to explore and participate in the projects launching on Arbswap launchpad.

To participate in an Arbswap launchpad sale, you simply need to have ETH available on the balance of your connected Wallet. There will be no ETH lock-up period before the sale. Once the sale starts, you can lock up your ETH to receive the project's tokens.

During the sale

  1. Connect your Wallet (make sure you're on the Arbitrum Nova network);

  2. Commit your ETH to buy the project's tokens.


  1. Once the sale is complete, claim the project's tokens on its launchpad card;

  2. If the project's token launch includes a token vesting period, you might want to come back after the period has ended to claim your tokens. The vesting schedule will be displayed on the dashboard.

What is the "Overflow" sale method?

The "Overflow" sale model allows participants to commit as much of their capital for the token sale as they want, and their final allocation will be dependent on the number of funds they put in as a proportion of all monies put in by other users at the time the sale finishes. Any leftover funds will be returned to the users after the sale.


If you have committed a very small amount of ETH to the token sale relative to the sum total of all tokens put in by all participants, it's possible you might not receive any tokens, which means you would get back all of your locked up ETH after the end of the sale.

What happens if the launchpad doesn't raise all the funds targeted?

The sale will proceed as planned, with the collected funds sent to the team and the project's tokens distributed to the participants for claiming.

How does token vesting work?

A project's token vesting schedule and rules will be available on its sale card. Make sure to check it thoroughly before committing your funds to the token sale.

Claiming tokens with a vesting period

If a project has a token vesting schedule, these tokens will be available for claiming only after the vesting period has passed. All relevant information about token claims and the remaining vesting period can be found on the launchpad dashboard.

Claiming tokens without a vesting period

For token sales without a vesting schedule, the tokens will be made available immediately after the sale has ended. In that case, you only need to claim the tokens from the launchpad dashboard.

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