Liquidity farming is a great way to earn rewards in addition to trading fees for providing liquidity to the market. By staking LP tokens in Arbswap liquidity farms, liquidity providers can earn rewards, which helps them offset the risk of Impermanent Loss.

Staking LP tokens on Arbswap is very easy, requiring only a few simple steps to begin earning:

  1. Go to Arbswap's Liquidity page and pick a liquidity pair you're interested in;

  1. Add liquidity to the pool and receive LP tokens in return. Learn how to Add Liquidity here.

  2. After approving and receiving LP tokens, choose for how long to stake and how many of the LP tokens you want to stake;

Stake your LP tokens into a farm;

  1. Now your tokens have been staked, and you can monitor your rewards on the Arsbwap dashboard;

  1. To claim your rewards, go to the dashboard, choose the specific farm you're staking the tokens in, and click "Harvest".

  1. Please be noted that yield rewards are subject to a 30 days vesting period before they can be withdrawn. You can check your vesting status on the upper right of the farms page.

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