How to Get Arbitrum Nova

To perform transactions on Arbswap or any other protocols on Arbitrum Nova, you will need ETH on the Arbitrum Nova network for gas.
You can bridge over ETH and ERC20 tokens from Ethereum mainnet using the official Arbitrum Bridge.
This tutorial will guide you through how to bridge from Ethereum mainnet to Arbitrum Nova.
Step 1: Connect to Ethereum mainnet
Login to the bridge with your wallet and make sure you are connected to the Ethereum mainnet network in your MetaMask or other web3 wallets.
Step 2: Select ETH or tokens you want to bridge in the drop-down menu.
It’s recommended to bridge ETH first before bridging other ERC20 tokens for a new Arbitrum Nova wallet.
If you want to bridge USDC to Arbitrum Nova.
Step 3: Enter amount you want to bridge
Enter the amount of ETH/tokens you want to bridge over and then press the “Move funds to Arbitrum Nova” button on the right. Also make sure the “To” network is Arbitrum Nova. Then follow the prompts on Metamask.
After you submit the transaction through Metamask you can expect your funds to arrive on Arbitrum Nova within roughly 10 minutes to an hour (depending on congestion).
Step 4: Switch to Arbitrum Nova
Once you’ve seen the success info below, we will be able to check your latest ETH/token balance on Arbitrum Nova.
Switch your Metamask to Arbitrum Nova network.