🦌What is Arbswap

Arbswap is the first Game-Fi optimized DEX native to Arbitrum, active on both the One and Nova networks: the true meaning of Arbitrum-native.

As an early builder in the Arbitrum ecosystem, Arbswap is committed to staying aligned with its ongoing development and we're aiming for two goals to achieve as an Arbitrum native protocol:

  • the best-performing DEX on Nova, and

  • the No.1 go-to DEX on One.


There is a rising number of promising games being deployed on Nova but the network lacks DEXs to support in-game trading. So, we made it our mission to offer features that would supercharge your game-fi needs. With Arbswap, there is no need for users to separately navigate between Uniswap and NFT marketplaces to trade their in-game assets. Users can seamlessly trade items within a game economy, including both fungible and non-fungible assets. Most importantly, users can enjoy a streamlined and user-friendly trading experience for all their in-game assets and needs.

Our goal is to deliver the best game-fi optimised DEX. We believe simplicity is key and this is how our suite of products are configured. At present, Arbswap offers liquidity farming with flexible or locked position on both Nova and One: we allow projects to host LP incentives on both flexible farming a la your classic DEX; and locked farming a la Curve: the longer locked the higher boost you get. This means that game projects on Nova are granted more controls. As the saying goes, β€œshow me the incentives, and I will show you the outcome”, Arbswap is planning to bring more incentivising features to our LP feature.

In the pipeline:

Scheduled to be launched soon, Arbswap will allow LP stakers to earn NFT in return. Pool creators on Arbswap will be able to use an implementation of the Sushi rewards program to distribute rewards to liquidity providers. But unlike SushiSwap, Arbswap provides the flexibility for liquidity providers to be rewarded in both ERC-20s and NFTs, where pool creators have the liberty to select up to five tokens, including both fungible and non-fungible tokens. While some projects may not want to incentivize liquidity for their in-game items so as to not over-financialise the gameplay, we recognize that other projects may lean more heavily on GameFi mechanics. So, NFT farming can help create a sustainable game economy, even for GameFi projects.

Additionally, Arbswap is planning to offer dual/multi token AMM features, which takes its inspiration from Curve’s tri-crypto pool, but for game-fi projects on Arbitrum. This allows for more complex liquidity pools to be created, providing better liquidity and tighter spreads. For example, a pool can be created with ETH, USDC, and an NFT token, providing a more diverse and dynamic trading environment. Additionally, Arbswap offers a dual token liquidity pool option, where liquidity providers can deposit two tokens instead of one. This provides a unique opportunity for users to participate in the platform and earn fees on the exchange. The dual token liquidity pool option allows for a more balanced liquidity provision, especially in markets with high volatility.

The best DEX experience:

As Arbitrum development advances, so will we. In the pipeline, we have prediction and leverage markets being built, as well as social trading features that will be enabled on Arbswap. With varying flexibility and unique liquidity pool options, Arbswap aims to provide the best DEX experience on Arbitrum!

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