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How it works

How is the payout calculated?

  • Payout multipliers are locked once the timer ends - the point at which 'next' round becomes the new 'live' one.
  • Prize pool = Pool UP + Pool DOWN
  • Payout multiplier for UP Pool = Prize pool ÷ Pool UP
  • Payout multiplier for DOWN Pool = Prize pool ÷ Pool DOWN
For example, if there’s 15 ETH in the DOWN side of a round, and the overall prize pool is 150 ETH, the DOWN payout ratio will be (150/15)=10x.
  • Payout Amount = Payout multiplier × Position × (1 - Treasury Fee)
In the above case, if the round ends on a DOWN result, if you committed 2 ETH to a DOWN position, you’d get a payout of (2*10) × (1-0.03) = 19.4 ETH. Your profit would be 17.4 ETH (19.4 - 2).
Fees to Arbswap: 3% of each round's total prize pool will go to Arbswap treasury.

How does prediction source for price feed?

To provide better experiences on Predictions, Arbswap calls Binance API to provide price feed on ARBUSDT price.


ARB Prediction contract:
Price feed Oracle: